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ho ho holy cow! It's December! I'm looking forward to my first cruise in a few days! I'm going for a 3 night from Miami to the Bahamas on Norwegian. Yay for interline rates :) I <3 working for the airlines... especial MY airline! Virgin rules!

Seth & Alex's Comedy Show BLOWS

Watching Seth & Alex's Comedy Show and it is the worst piece of self congratulatory drivel out there! Like watching Seth McFarlane masturbate. THIS IS HORRIBLE! So 3 timeslots on Sunday prime time is not enough that he had to make this piece of crap, too??? *BOGGLE*

Burning Man 2009

I am planning to post about my first time experience & a realistic packing list, but I haven't had time (read as motivation) yet. Until then, here are some of the best pics I have found and a great article that sums up the experience.

I can't wait for next year!

Article - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jay-michaelson/the-truth-about-burning-m_b_279464.html

Pics - http://theblight.net/09/bm/

Here are the pics that I took. I was really there to enjoy myself this year and not to document it, so my pics are pretty bland. Also, the dust is hell on cameras so I only took pics for a couple hours on one day. Anywhoo:
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Woo! Just when I was starting to feel uber discouraged at work - more and more of the night shift, no feed back about anything, ever...

I got some compliments from the pilots and my managers. I guess I am doing a good job after all. :P


Fank goodness for my east coast vacay coming up soon. Sea Isle beach house + ocean that is actually warm enough to swim in = :D



I miss yer brains out, y'all.


a good deed

Yay, I did a good deed. As I was driving home from work this morning, I stopped to help a guy who ran out of gas take his can to the gas station, then drove him back to his car. Yay, karma!

It was raining. He was a tiny old asian dude, so I didn't think anything bad would happen. He was grateful and I was happy to help.

Really long entry about my weight loss goals

There is nothing like honesty to get things started off right. I am currently 6’ and 240 pounds. My ideal healthy weight is 180 to 190 pounds. I’m setting an intermediate goal of being down to 200 pounds by the end of August, 2009. At 40 pounds in 5 months, that comes to losing 2 pounds per week. That is a pretty aggressive goal, but I am looking forward to the challenge, and the results!

Looking at generic, average numbers, 1 pound of body weight = 3500 calories, so that comes out to 1000 calories per day that I need to reduce, or burn in order to lose 2 pounds per week. On average, if I eat 500 calories less, and work out to burn 500 calories each day, then I will be golden!

My plan is to eat a reasonable diet that I can maintain after I am done losing weight, too - a healthier, less processed, more raw diet; more of a lifestyle shift than a diet. This will be high in protein, and high in fiber, with low fat (especially good fats like avocado – hello, homemade guacamole with cucumber slices instead of corn chips)! I also plan to drink 80 or 90+ ounces of water per day. I am kind of always thirsty these days 

Over the last few years, on and off, I have been tracking my calories with FitDay.com. It is a pretty good free online site, but the Lose It app on the iphone seems to be even more convenient, so I am switching over. I have been counting calories for ever, but eventually, when I stop measuring things and just eyeball it, the portion sizes creep up :P Heh, I find that if I know that I am going to have to write it down, then I am less likely to eat that random cracker or piece of candy or what ever.

Ugh, lately I have been eating probably 2500+ calories per day due to my weird sleeping situation. I tend to nibble on snacks at night to keep myself awake, so I will get that in check. I will plan fruit and veggie based snacks, and miso soup instead of something processed and simple-carby. Cutting out 500 calories per day will put me back down to 2000 which will not be painful at all. I will try to cut out 800 calories on the days I don’t work out, and try to do 700-1000 calorie work outs three or four times per week. I burn about 500 calories on the elliptical in 45 minutes, so if I add in some weight training on top of that I should be set. I plan to start running around the track at the high school by my house to get me back into soccer-shape. I have already signed up on an email list for pick up soccer on Wed nights in Palo Alto, but I am feeling so schlempy and out of soccer-shape that I am gonna get a couple weeks of running the track under my belt before I make it to a game. We also changed the flat tire on my bike and Andrey and I have been riding around town. There are some nice hills to the west of us, so I can get a great quad workout that way. Ft Funston Beach / dog park is a great little hike, with spectacular scenery and the weather has been fabulous lately, so I am sure I will keep hitting that up. Luckily there are lots of great activities around me, and my 24 Fitness is close, too. On warm summer nights I even plan to ride my bike to work once or twice a week. It is 10 miles each way, so that will be great! Exercise is definitely the critical piece that I have been missing since I moved out here. I went from playing soccer 3-4 times per week, to none at all  No soccer + extra calories overnight = bummer.

I am thinking of joining a support group of some kind to help with the dieting part, too. Either Weight Watchers or a Craigslist group. At least I am already going to a weekly sewing/crafting/making meet up, which has been AWESOME! I am a social creature and I thrive on livin it up with friends. These cats are cool and inspiring, too! They are up to lots of rad projects. Chillin with these peeps does wonders for my mood and happiness 

I am combining all the methods that have worked for me in the past to lose some pounds and get back to my healthy self. I am setting mini goals, too - 4 pounds every two weeks – 10% increments of my August 31st goal. In my head it is much easier to lose 4 pounds at a time, than think about the whole 40 pounds. Woot!

I am off to a good start today: Two mugs of chai with fat free milk and Splenda as I woke up and got ready for work, strawberries and fat free yogurt, brown rice with tomato/eggplant compote + turkey meatballs. I also have edamame and a little handful of dark chocolate chips to kill any cravings that come up.

I have done raw diets for 3 day stretches and there are lots of yummy foods to include that I sometimes pass by. Pecans, raw oats and a tablespoon of honey make a really yummy, sweet, satisfying mini meal. Raw diets are awesome, but I need hot food to keep me sane. I totally dig teas and soups. If I can do 50% raw / 50% other healthy stuff I will be happy. I am also planning in little, moderate, reasonable desserts so I don’t feel deprived and go off the deep end. The little 150 calorie Betty Crocker mini microwave cakes and brownies are awesome!

Ok, all that being said – if you see me shoving pie in my face or eating something stupid and fucked up say “Hey Rebecca! Knock that off! Think of your goal!” :D

Thanks for reading my commitment! Updates to follow 

I am really going to Burning Man this year!

I bought my ticket today! Hooray! It has been about 5 years in coming...

I am looking for a crew to team up with, too. Mebbe some SF people, or Boulder people, or San Diego people? I am planning on driving one of my Subie station wagons so I'll have some room to share. I am cool chipping in for a shade shelter and a solar shower! Heh, I am at the very beginning of my research and planning so more posts to follow. All suggestions welcome! :)